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The Collaborative Farming Podcast

Jun 30, 2022

Tianna Kennedy is a founding member and 1/3 owner of Star Route Farm in New York and owner/coordinator of the 607 CSA. She talks about how Star Route Farm began as a partnership, how/why they incorporated a third owner and how it’s multiform CSA component split off to form a whole other organization which she now coordinates.

Now, the 607 CSA includes dozens of producers, hundreds of members, and covers a not small region of New York State. She gets into how it grew from a simple two-farm-veg-CSA into a sprawling network of producers and eaters and the relationship-based assets and logistics that make it all work. I found Tianna as a part of the SKYWOMAN project and she talks about her experience there, as well.

Also mentioned in the show...

The 607 CSA farmsite with producer/delivery maps, income calculators, and cool AF shirts.

GrownBy, Local Line, & Fellow Farmer online sales platforms

Signal app for communication

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